A new literary institution and cultural collection was founded on the 1st February in 2012 by the council of Hatvan. The aim was to create a helping partner for the National Hunting Museum which is under development, to provide more options of culture for the citizens and raise interest about natural science in the community. A new, „Knowledge centre” will be built by the Founder in Hatvan, in order to decrease digital illiteracy, in addition, to ensure equal access to local scientific results and other information. The fundamental documents of the new institution's operation have been worked out. Library and cultural services of the institution, such as collection management, development of human resources and computer technology can be achieved through tender and budget financial resources. Since its founding, the collection of the library, with respect to its main fields of interest, has been growing continuously, through purchase, donation and interchange services. The Library manages its services and collection to fulfill the local needs that is why, it is also interested in collecting documents and information of local history. There have been some moves of the Library since its foundation. It is presently housed in Hatvan, 2 Kossuth square.The Library is accessible on computers since it has been integrated into the national online library system by HUNTÉKA.Our librarians are commited to provide the readers with the highest possible standard of service either in person or online.